Taking a break in 2018

We are taking a break from hosting our annual Music Madness ATX Fest in 2018, but we will be back in 2019.  We have some really cool stuff planned for April 2018 thru December 2018, so like our Facebook page and watch what we do on our YouTube page.  Thanks for the continued support.

Protect Your Ears

Big shout-out to RK Audiology for their continued support of Music Madness ATX.com and the indie artist we promote.  If you are a fan of LIVE MUSIC, like us, have them make you custom-fit in-ear protection.  Making ear protection products for musicians, concert goers, recreational sports enthusiasts and audiophiles, is their jam.  RK-text

Thank you for a great time Reutlingen!!


This past November 2016, we headed to Reutlingen, Germany to hang out with Mr. Finch and stream our third international Live Stream [Watch the video on our YouTube page – Music Madness ATX].  Thank you to the Rappen for hosting the event.   We love Reutlingen and we appreciate the support.  We’ll see you soon.

What a year!

As we bring the year to an end, we’d like to say thank you to all who support what we do for local, nationwide and international talent.  2016 is going to be BIG, so stay tuned.  Happy New Year!